you spin me right round

Bleach - IchiRuki
Howl's Moving Castle - HowlSophie
Naruto - GaiKaka, LeeGaa, LeeTen, LeeHina, LeeSaku, NejiHina, ShikaTema
Spirited Away - HakuChihiro
Yu Yu Hakusho - Hiei/Kurama, Hiei/Mukuro, Sensui/Itsuki

Lee (split_the_gates), Hanabi (white_moon_iris), and Sakon/Ukon (demon_twin) on majutsu_shi. Dropped for school ;_; but you should DEFINITELY join; it sucked me back into rping and reignited my love for fantasy and writing~
Lee (midori_no_ryuu) on circleobetrayal.
Lee (sparkling_lotus) and Shino (beetlejuse) on oshima_high. Probably going to drop for school *sobs* And you should definitely join this one too because there is crack through the roof 8D
...And yes, Lee (claret_lotus) on die_tauschung (Couldn't pass up the chance to torture my favorite character :D) - On indefinite hiatus... if it ever goes back up I hope I'll be able to play. But there's school again x_x
For something different: Kurama (whip_of_thorns) on sortinghat_rp. Stuff happened, character cleanup, school... no more rping for me ;_;

Still learning how to write XP

LeeGaa fanart for majutsu_shi.

Gaara x Lee is Hot, Sexy, Dorky Love.

PS: I obtained some of my userpics (and my wallpaper) from Tigaer-Design. Check it out, it's quite nice.