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June 9th, 2007

12:07 am: there can never be too much leegaa fanfiction.
LeeGaa Fanfic 100 Challenge - More - I claimed this in April... I have a few little drabble-chapters ready but it's going to take awhile ^^;

December 25th, 2006

05:04 pm: new rpg x3
Excited, because I haven't rped in five years.  I got the part of Rock Lee :D and I'll try my best to make him awesome x3

Majutsu Shi

Working on LeeGaa fanart... I'm so lazy xP

December 24th, 2006

03:33 pm: silly comic
w00t, christmas eve!  I'll post and go eat food xD

December 20th, 2006

10:05 pm:

December 15th, 2006

06:05 pm: Trying out this picture thing :/

Sparring Sparring

Lee: Damn it Gaara that's the fourth one this week!

Gaara: 2
Lee: -1


Gaara has two points because
1. He tore up Lee's suit T_T
2. He's got the great view

October 12th, 2006

01:22 am: doodle
  1. Can't seem to find the time to really work on the art I have on hold *sigh* ah, school...

October 2nd, 2006

04:16 pm: Wow, my hard drive crashed today for some reason, and I was afraid that I'd almost lost all my music and pictures and documents again - but I didn't, and I am very happy :)

the only thing I lost was, for some reason, this longish leegaa fic I've been working on, which saddens me.  It didn't really have a point, but still... From now on, I'm saving my work on the internet; this is just a little too scary for me xP

September 30th, 2006

08:42 pm: IQ-lowering comics
Here is an IQ-lowering comic for you to enjoy.  I'll post it on LeeGaa when I'm done coloring it:

August 5th, 2006

08:56 pm: bwahaha
I think I managed something half-decent :)

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